Mac Daddy Tiger

He’s back….

I can’t imagine what the guys in the locker room at Bellerive thought when he walked in. Muscles pumped from a morning lift, hat on backwards, mirrored shades, $10k Rolex glistening and that Sunday red on. A few guys should have just saved themselves the pain and gone home. Turned in their scorecards with “I lost” on it already. All joking aside, Tiger is looking for his first come behind win in a major. All of his previous 14 major titles have come with a share of or the 54-hole lead. I think he’s got a low score in his back pocket today.

We are less than 10 minutes from lift off and I’m on the edge of my seat already. Get ready for another incredible Sunday of golf.

Bring it home Big Cat and stay clear of the tight lies.


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