Weekly Nine: Wedgewood Golf Club

Our weekly game moved to Wedgewood Golf Club in Olive Branch, MS. Known for tight fairways and lots of water. It’s advisable to have an extra sleeve of Vice’s or Pro-V’s close by. There is nothing special about this course, but presents quite a bit of trouble thru out. They should have named it the Kudzu Club due to the apparent infestation taking place. The front nine plays 3223 yards from the men’s tee’s and is a par 36. Joel, scared to risk his winning streak of one, was a no show so Andrew and I split up the teams. With 5 people we split as follows; Andrew, Adam and James on one team and myself and Trey on the other. After a few wayward tee shots on the dog legged first, Trey and I took my drive down the left side of the fairway.

My lob wedge finishes short in the right green-side bunker that protects the front half of the tiered green. Trey hits a nice shot that ends up about 25 feet past the hole. Our foes come up short but are in good shape just at the front of the green. IMG_1388[1]They settle for a pitch that ends up about 15 feet past the hole. I run my birdie putt well by and Trey leaves his short. We then miss our par putt coming back and so do Andrew and the gang. We go good, good for a ugly opening bogeys. Had to get the jitters out I guess. The second hole is a straight away 402 yard par 4, lined by the large creek down the left side. Andrew and I crush our drives leaving us a mere 77 yards into the back pin location. Side note, the greens-keeper that sanded the greens on Monday did an atrocious job filling them in. It looks like we got a summer snow dusting over night. Every shot that lands on the green leaves a mark like a crater on the moon. All of us except Adam hit the green, glad to see he his getting his moneys worth at Crossfit. He flew it a clear 25 yards over the green into the kudzu lined creek. Me, James and Andrew all finish within 8 feet of the green, Trey’s ball ends up about 15 feet away so we play my ball that came to rest about 4 feet from the cup. James buries his birdie try putting the pressure on us but I knock it in no problem. We remain all square going into the par 5 3rd, which is a 90 degree dog left left with a pond at the inside left corner of the fairway.IMG_1382[1] If you hit it more than 270, you will end up thru the fairway and blocked out. Adam hits a pop fly to the left fielder that somehow stays out of the lake, leaving him a shot thru the trees. I stroke a 4-iron that ends up on the fringe, hole high. This puts the heat on our opponents to get up in down for a birdie. Our putt requires us to go thru about 4 feet of fringe before the ball gets on the putting surface. Trey and I both blast our putts clean past the hole about 12 feet. After a nice effort from off the green and three attempts that burned the edges, they settle for a par. Neither Trey nor myself can convert our birdie attempts coming back and are forced to settle for a par as well. That was a tough one to swallow when eagle was in our grasp.

The par 3 4th plays 177 yards over a pond and a pot bunker on the left side of the green. The flag is about 4 paces clear of the lip of the bunker. Everyone else ventured into the woods or the front bunker, leaving me the loan man on the green after my 7 iron stuck 20 feet from the pin. We make a stress free par while James bunker shot combined with Andrew’s nice lag putt lead to their bogey save. We have our first lead of the day, and we aren’t looking back. I got a little cocky and tried to carry the entire lake on number 5, which is a 398 yard par 4 wedged in between the creek on the left and a lake on the right. My ball finds the lake and Trey blocks his into the 6th fairway but we had  a look at the green. No rangefinder in sight, it looks to be about 185 yards which calls for the 6-iron. Another solid strike results in another GIR and 25 feet for birdie. IMG_1386[1]An uncharacteristically short drive by Adam “More Muscles” Moore, makes it an uphill battle for his team. They come up short with their approaches and have to try and get up and down to give themselves a chance to stay in the hole. We make two solid putts giving us our 4 and the hole. Our lead has pushed to two strokes as we move to the 6th, which is a 350 yard par 4, with a lake thru the fairway on the right and houses down the left side. I find the water with my drive and Trey hit’s a low hook, into the left rough and are forced to play his ball. Andrew hits a nice tee ball down the left side of the fairway, putting them in a good spot to get a stroke back. We get to our ball, which is pretty much in someones back yard, and the family is out there checking out the progress of their new patio. With a small audience and a flyer lie, I cook my 5-iron over the green by 10 yards and Trey’s approach doesn’t end up too well so we are forced to play my ball. The other guys don’t take advantage of their good drive, leaving their approaches short and right again. A few fair chips later and a couple of putts, both teams settle for bogeys.

The light begins to fade on our round, as the summer evenings are getting a little shorter each day. We both make pars on the the next two holes and approach the 9th tee box with little light yet. One of the few things that remains visible is the florescent orange shirt that Adam decided to wear today.IMG_1381[1] The glow helps us all see our tee shots on the short dog leg par 4. My ball disappears in to the dark woods and luckily my teammate puts one in the fairway we can see. Andrew plays it safe after James and Adam try to knock out a few windows of the neighboring homes. I hit a full wedge to about 12 feet while our opponents try and get up and down. We finish with a par and they convert their bogey putt, giving Trey and I the 3 stroke victory. That may have been the longest 9 holes I’ve ever played but it certainly was enjoyable. Also nice to get the back in the winners column with a new teammate.


We weren’t the only ones sporting the Tight Lies brand today. Will Brewer was out at Ridgeway CC getting some work in. If you have a hat send us a pic the next time you are out on the course and if you want one let me know.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and stays out of the Tight Lies.


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