Novel Thoughts: Paper Tiger

I first heard about Tom Coyne when he was a guest on the G&E Podcast. After listening to him and Ryan discuss his background, career, basis for his books, etc. I knew I wanted to start reading them. Before finishing the episode, his 3 latest works were on the way to my door step.

Paper Tiger was the first book I would tackle. There are two on going themes that relate to myself and many other avid golfers. Number one; the never ending thought of “if I could just devote more time to my game instead of going to work, there is a chance I could make a living hitting this white ball around a field of grass”. The other is the person in your life that you care about the most. The person that is left at home for 4 or more hours every time you go practice, or tee it up for 18. Ultimately it’s the person that will support you in what makes you happy in life.

There are so many things done well in this story, whether it’s Tom’s ability to bring you in and make you smell the dew covered, fresh mowed grass on a Florida driving range, or feel the heat and smell of the gym he was working out in, or even like you are at the table sharing a beer with Paddy. From the weight loss and handicap milestones at the top of a new chapter, to the pain described in a tournament round, everything seemed to be placed with intention and purpose to make the reader feel like he or she is wearing Tom’s shoes.

By no means am I a book worm, there are more books un-read on my coffee table right now than book’s i’ve read in the past 2 years. Paper Tiger was finished cover to cover in 2 weeks. No awards were given to me for speed reading or AR points in middle school, but this should speak volumes to the quality of this book. I’m looking forward to starting A Course Called Ireland next.

If you want to learn more about Tom and his various books and expeditions check out the link to his website below.





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