Pars That Feel Like Bogeys

This week we headed back to Cherokee Valley for our weekly game. It has been and continues to be in the best shape of the 3 courses we have been playing. We added two first timers for this season, one being PJ and the other being my pops, Jeff. There was a big increase in attendance from last week.  It may have had something to do with the idea Joel and I came up with regarding our year end round at Southwind. We thought an easy way to boost numbers would require each person to play at least 3 rounds with the group to qualify for the match at the TPC. It could have been the 70-degree weather but regardless, we had our best collection of talent thus far. Joel decided to throw for the teams, this ended up back firing on him. Me, Andrew, Stephen and my dad were end up on one team, while Joel, PJ, William and Jackson were on the other. Needless to say I liked my squad.

There was huge Thursday night scramble that went off the front nine so we started on number 10. The narrow Par 5 is guarded by a lake down the left side, fairway bunkers that you have to carry and a ditch left of the cart path. I hit a good drive that cleared the bunkers, leaving us about 210 into the green. After my 4 iron went just off the back edge, Andrew laced a 3 iron to about 6 feet. He kicked in his eagle putt and we are off to the races. Joel and the gang made their birdie, cutting into our lead a little. Both of us made par on the non-descript Par 3 11th. The 12th might be my favorite hole on the course it is a boomerang shaped, dog leg right with a full carry over a lake. You can hit it 225 yards straight ahead and have about 125 left to the green, or you can take it over the water and drive the green. Andrew and I did just that, leading to an easy up and down birdie. PJ got a hold of his tee ball, flying the green, but they were able to get up and down for their birdie as well. We won’t mention where a couple of our team mates’ balls ended up. I clobbered my drive, avoiding bunkers and water down the left and houses all down the right side. All of us hit decent approach shots leaving 20 feet for our birdie. After pars at the short, downhill par 4 13th, we start to pick up some momentum.

All of us hit decent approach shots leaving 20 feet for our birdie. After failed attempts by myself and Stephen, Andrew saw the line and drained the birdie putt. Jeff was completely content with not having to putt on this hole. I keep hearing my phone ding from text messages. Of course, its Joel, sending me “Tweet Tweet -2” to update me on their score. Sad to say they never could get any lower than two under.

After 3 good tee shots on the par 5, I get another text from Joel as they are coming off of the 13 tee. It reads “PJ to upstairs playroom thru window. Still had 30 from my ball. Nobody dancing. Still -2”. What the guys told us after the round made it sound like something straight out of a cartoon, with the loud glass break sound in the background. Don’t think you get relief from the upstairs pool table in the neighbor’s house. They scramble for a par on 13 and we all hit solid approaches with our hybrids just short of the green. The wind had picked up making distance control a little more difficult. I pitch up to a foot and kick in our birdie moving the good guys to -5.


Par 3 16th 180 yds.

I sent a text to Joel updating our score before we teed off on 16, a 180-yard par 3. My 6 iron flew the perfect number and finished about 12 feet from the hole. With no one else dancing, I took a 360 look at the putt, found the line, and rolled it in for another birdie. Sitting at -6 with 2 to play, we were in the driver’s seat. After a text that said, “Par after four poor birdie putts from 10 feet after almost salvaging birdie from the fairway bunker left” it became even more clear who the victors would be. 17 plays 385 from the blue tees and is lined by kudzu all down the right side. Stephen, Jeff, and Andrew all hit nice drives, with Andrew sitting perfectly in the middle of the fairway. I bit off more than I could chew and was certain I had hit my Vice Pro Plus straight into the ditch. My dad, full of blind faith, drove over to where he thought it might be, low and behold, my ball is sitting there like a diamond in the rough. We played Andrews ball and place three out of four shots on the green, with Jeff’s being closest. We settle for par after 4 lame attempts at birdie, even with a par, our lead sleeping safe and sound.


I get my final text from Joel as we are coming up to the 18th green. I could feel the pain in his words, “scrambled for bogey, -1”. After fair approach shots from 60 yards, and four mediocre birdie attempts we finished with a par and a 9-hole score of 30. Putting us in the club house at -6. Andrew and I started laughing when he said, “its bad when par’s feel like bogey’s”. It’s definitely a weird feeling, but it is very true when playing a scramble. I’m sure reality will set in when I play straight up this weekend. We hang around for the other team to finish as the light starts to fade on our Thursday evening. For some reason, when a certain golf ball lands on the green, it’s like a light switch turned on. That’s just Joel’s Callaway Red Hot edition. They clean up for a routine par and come off the green in good spirits even after a good ass whipping. The train keeps rolling as the win streak is now increasing every week.


Clubhouse behind the 18th green at Cherokee Valley

Tight Lies Update:

With the Northern Trust in full swing, be looking for a big review on Monday after the tournament. Also, I’m going to do some Seamus Golf product reviews. I ordered a bunch of personalized stuff from them and am obsessed with it all. Also, we should be getting the white and gray hats in next week so if you are interested in those please message me. We still have a few tan and navy left for those who haven’t gotten one yet. Also, in the works are some Canvas t-shirts so keep an eye out for those proofs.


Have a good weekend, and watch out for the Tight Lies.



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