Fall Feels…Where Did The Time Go?

Fall golf has always been this mystical phenomena in this part of the country that is centered around college football and hunting season. I enjoy both of those things and am guilty of putting my golf clubs away once Labor Day comes around. normally the Southeast falls victim to a trend of 90 degree weather thru September and into October, followed by 2 nice weeks around Halloween and into November before colder temperatures and dormant Bermuda set in. Something about brown grass and sprayed on greens doesn’t do it for me. For the first time I made a conscious effort to play some quality golf this fall.


Arguably the three best rounds (scoring aside) have happened post September 3rd. I played Mossy Oak Golf Club, The Country Club of Jackson, MS and this past Friday teed it up at TPC Southwind for the second time this year. All very different courses, in different locations, set up completely different but something about playing them this time of year added the feeling of picking up a few shots on the field. Whenever I’m sitting at work and I see someone post a picture playing an afternoon round with the autumn trees popping in the background I feel like I just got lapped. To some that may seem silly or childish but when you have the golf bug it is a daily occurance. It stems from knowing that soon it will be the dog days of winter when 50 degrees will be a heat wave and it is dark when you are commuting home from work.  So, I got into the action this year and it has changed my view of my previously mentioned hobbies this time of year. I found myself wishing I was on the first tee instead of the deer stand. Don’t get me wrong, hunting remains a passion but 65 and sunny should be spent on the links. After melting thru the summer, this small window of cooler weather is the reward and one that should be claimed and taken advantage of.


Every golfers worst enemy is day light savings time, the official end to a quick nine after work. This limits us to weekend rounds when we aren’t at our alma mater on Saturday afternoons, visiting family for the holidays, and even if you avoid all of that, mother nature has to provide you with some sunshine and nice temperatures to get you off the couch. So as the days get a litte shorter, and temps continue to drop, grab the sticks one last time, put on your quarter zip and pants, feel like the pro you wish you were and get around your local course once more.




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