What to Get the Golfer in Your Life for Christmas?

With most golfers limited to watching “Golf’s Greatest Rounds” on the Golf Channel, putting into a cup in their living room, praying for a day where the high touches 50 degrees in hopes to sneak out to the links, one thing we love to do is make a list of things we need before March rolls around. If someone you know falls into this category, but you aren’t really sure what to get them, here is a list that may help.

  1. The Ultimate Gift: Set up an afternoon for them to get fitted for a new set of clubs by a Top-Club Fitter. This will make any golf nut go absolutely insane. They will get put in front of a Trackman and see how their results stack up to the guys on Tour, while a trained fitter fine tunes the equipment that will ultimately maximize their performance on the course. At the end of the day they will walk away with a custom set of clubs just for them, the weapons of choice to wage war on the course when spring comes. The link below is a list of the top fitters by state. Check it out to find the closest one near you!  Top Clubfitters in America 

2. New Golf Bag: The new trend for golf bags is retro carry bags and Jones is my personal favorite of the bunch. There are other great brands like Mackenzie and Stich but I am a sucker for the Original Stripeshow Carry Bag by Jones.

Original Stripeshow

Jones Original Stripe Show MSRP: $149.95

With walking becoming the “in thing”, you want a light and stylish bag that won’t break your back. Jones has been around since the 1970’s and if you owned a team stand bag in the 70’s or 80’s it was likely to be a Jones Bag. They were the Ping Hoofer before it existed.

3. Golf Speaker: If you aren’t playing golf with some tunes then you are doing it wrong. Nothing better than a little Dire Straights or Young Jeezy to get you pumped up on the first tee. The key is small, portable, but enough sound that the group can hear it from the cart when on the putting green.

Golf Bluetooth Speaker and Mount Version 2

Ampcaddy with Mount Version 2: MSRP $149.97

The first one is the Ampcaddy, I’m sure you have seen it advertised on Instagram or Facebook. The best feature to me is the mounting bracket that allows you to clip it to your cart and turn it in whatever direction you choose. The other option, and the one I would lean toward is the JBL Clip 3. The smaller speaker, has a built-in clip that allows you to hook it on the bag tag hook on your golf bag. If you like to walk a late 9 after work and want more juice than your phone speaker can provide, this is the perfect solution for a fraction of the cost. It also comes in a ton of colors, making it a great accent to your bag.


JBL Clip 3: MSRP $49.95

4. Golf Trip With His/Her Friends: I know what you are thinking? “Webb is just putting this on the list to convince his wife to let him go on a golf trip.” Good idea but not my intentions. For the golfer that has a long-standing buddies trip and they are looking to take the next step and go to Bandon, Cabot, or Streamsong, this is a great time to give them that as a present. This gift is super easy. Take a piece of paper, write the name of the course/courses you want them to play, put it in the envelope, write their name on the front, and prepare for them to be amazed. If you want to spice it up a little, throw in a picture like this….

Image result for bandon dunes

5.  Some Drip: The one thing you can’t have too much of is swag. With the new products coming out for everyone this is a great time to load up on your favorites from last year at a great price. I’ve got quite a few favorites from this year that I think anyone would enjoy.

The PoloRhoback has become a personal favorite of mine. A dog loving golf brand? Yea, I’m in. Besides that their shirts are phenomenal.

The Reauxback: MSRP $79.00

They fit well, feel great, they have unique features, like the ridge on the back of the neck, and don’t break the bank. Matt, Bunker and the gang are doing some great things and make some great content on their social media pages.

The Pants: There is no competition for the best all around pant I have purchased in the last year. It’s the Linksoul Bamboo Stretch 5-Pocket Pant. They are a slim-fit, jean style pant, that are light and give you great range of motion. These pants are great for both the office and the course. There is nothing worse that having to bring a change of clothes with you when you sneak out a little early for that afternoon 9. You can eliminate that with this pant.

Variant image

Bamboo Stretch 5-Pocket: MSRP $130.00

The Kicks: Shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment but one of trickiest to buy for another person. Some people like traditional styles like Footjoy Dry Joy Tours or Ecco Mens Golf Lux, others are moving toward more athletic style shoes. I personally haven’t dove head first into the tennis shoe golf shoes, but settled for the most popular FJ shoe of the last two years, the Pro SL. If I were going for the tennis shoe style I would go for the TRUE Linkswear TRUE KNIT. You can wear them on the course and off, and they definitely will keep your feet feeling good when walking nine or eighteen.


6. Stocking Stuffers: Some of the best gifts for a golfer are the smaller ones. For those new sticks you are going to get fitted for, I’d recommend some Seamus Headcovers ($75) to protect them. They are handmade in Oregon and have great patterns. A couple of my favorites are the Mossy Oak Original or the Glacier National Park Pendelton pattern. As a chronic three putter, I should probably gift this to myself, the Genuine EyeLine Putting Mirror ($24.99), you will see these on putting greens all over the PGA Tour as pros use them to make sure their alignment and set up are in proper position. Also it allows you to perform the famous Tiger Woods gate drill. With all of these great tools, clubs, and clothes, you are ready to practice and hit the course but there is still one thing missing, the golf ball. I have discussed how much I am a fan of the Vice Pro +. For half the cost of the Pro V-1 with all of the performance why not use these. Throw in free customization this week, you can get your name, nickname, or NBA team stamped on the side. I’ll even throw in a free sleeve for you by using promo code “tightlies”.

Hopefully these gift ideas will help you make the golfer in your life happy this Christmas.



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