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As Germantown Country Club holds on to remain a golf course, the ideas of what should happen to the 180 acres the club previously occupied are all over the place. The options range from a dog park and wildlife preserve to a housing development. The “committee” tasked with coming up with possible ideas for this area, if the city were to buy it, has given little thought for it remain a golf course. Only 2 of these members supported the idea of a joint park and golf course. Only 2? Seriously?


Most recent article regarding the closure and future plans of Germantown CC.

If you hop across the pond, to the home of golf, the course is the hub of the town of St. Andrews, same can be said at Inverness, Skeabost, Turnberry, Troon, Prestwick, Western Gailes, Elie and many more. The links are not just a golf course, they are the local park, frisbee field, dog park, pasture land for sheep, and most importantly the link between land and sea. On Sundays, The Old Course is closed, and it fills with locals enjoying the activities I mentioned before. Yes the most famous golf course in the world and The Home of Golf closes every Sunday (unless the Open is being hosted there) and becomes a community park. I’d probably er on the side of the experts who have been doing this for quite a few more hundred years than this committee from Parks and Rec. but I digress.

St. Andrews

St. Andrews, Scotland. The town proper to the right and the iconic R&A Clubhouse on the Old Course to the left.

Look, I get it, this isn’t Scotland, and this isn’t The Old Course, but it is a damn good golf course. One that has hosted US Open qualifiers and Monday Q’s for the FedEx St. Jude Classic for as long as I can remember. Just imagine if it were accessible to everyone, and I’m not just talking about golfers, but everyone. If 18 holes is too many, some of the gems of Scotland and Ireland are amazing nine-hole courses like Askernish, Prestwick, and Cruden Bay, to name a few . So at a minimum leave the best nine holes, and do with the rest as you please. The access to quality, public golf in the area is basically non-existent and being located in an affluent suburb should pull a large number of golfers there. Especially the membership, now without a home, are going to keep playing golf somewhere, so why not keep it at their home course.


Musselburgh is smack in the center of town and one of the largest active horse racing tracks in Scotland. It was one of the original Open venues in the late 1800’s.

The 80’s and 90’s were terrible for golf as far as courses being built to sell real estate and we are seeing a lot of those courses close and those neighborhoods go to waste. I think this course has a chance, if the community would buy into a model like WP 9 in Winter Park, Florida or Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, California. These courses are cool, hip, community oriented and most of all fun places for golfers and non golfers a like to enjoy a great piece of land together. Why can’t we make that happen here?

See the link below for the latest info on the fate of the Germantown CC golf course.

Germantown CC



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