Please Help, I Can’t Two Putt

Don’t get confused by the title, “I can’t two putt” and think “Here goes Webb about to brag about his putting stroke!”. It could not be further from that. I literally can’t make a routine two-putt to save my damn life. Before we get to present day, there is some scar tissue that needs to be discussed.

I am a chronic three putter in the worst way. Down the middle off the tee, hit it to 20-25 feet and three jack. Like what the hell is wrong with me? I’ve played golf since I was a year and a half old. I used to set up a little metal cup in my parents bedroom, because their carpet was the fastest, and putt while watching the Golf Channel for hours upon hours. I did this for as long as I can remember. I would watch Tiger ram 6-8 footers in the back of the cup over and over again and this I believe is where the problem began.

Yes, it is great to emulate and mimic professionals, but there comes a point when you must realize that there is a reason why Tiger can take the break out of a down hill slider from 8 feet. Yea….I didn’t listen to that logic. My dad used to want to pull his hair out watching me at junior tournaments try and slam a 10′ putt in, miss, and then leave myself with 6 feet coming back, which typically led to a 3 putt.

As the years have gone by I’ve switched putters from a blade, to a #7 “Fang” or whatever number it is Odyssey, back to a blade. As any golfer knows, the last ditch effort is changing your grip, well last summer I did that. Yep I made the leap to left hand low. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It started off fine, I made more putts of length during the latter half of the summer and fall, but have struggled to start this year. Especially on slower, uphill putts of length. I played 38 holes on Sunday, and had 6 three putts on the first 18, 6 on the second, and one on the two extra holes. I shot 87 and 84 respectively which puts me at about 40-42 putts in each of those two rounds. Almost half of my strokes are on the green…that really hurt to type.

I never feel like I can hit it firm enough to keep it on line. I don’t know if I need a heavier putter, to release the putter head more, or I just can’t putt. It’s probably a combination of the three with an emphasis on the last option.¬†Well, the first step in recovery is admitting your problem and coming to terms with it. I am open to suggestions, tips, or any words of encouragement. Until then, I think I’m going to follow this method.

P.S. (Don’t know why it says Tin Roof, not Tin Cup)



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