Dear Tiger… Pt. 2


I’m starting to get used to writing these letters. They started a little over a year ago when you got back into the winner’s circle at East Lake, claiming your 80th PGA Tour victory. Next was in April, winning your 15th major, and now this letter comes after tying Sam Sneed’s record of 82 wins. You came into this event on the back end of a knee surgery and having not played in the last few months. Some people saw this as a tune up event for you, but as always, you have a way of making us pay attention. Firing back to back -6 under, rounds of 64 seemed like an appropriate wake up call. 

You proved to be god like, overcoming natural phenomena like a typhoon and a world class field. You went wire to wire for 5 days, one of the few guys to have done that a time or two. You’ve added another event to your growing list of tournaments won, and another country for that matter. You show us that whenever people start doubting you in the slightest, you answer the call and prove everyone wrong. Whether it be if you could win another tournament, major, beat a record or play on a Ryder Cup team, you always show us, you can. 

No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am keeping up with your play. I don’t think I am the only one, well I know I wasn’t last night, as I had a crowd of people watching your third round on my phone at a wedding reception. I believe this is because my first memories of golf, happened when you first started your professional career, and with that I have felt a link ever since. As we both get older, and tournaments, months, years tick off, I hold on to days like this even more. I try to take them in, cherish them, and store them in that safety deposit box inside of me because like anything in life, you don’t know how many more of these there may be. I’ve got one number that comes to mind, and I think you’d agree. 

You have showed us that growth as a person, friend, father, competitor, doesn’t mean success has to be sacrificed, that it is in fact the opposite. That there are many ways to achieve greatness, and that adaptability and flexibility (not just in your glutes) are the keys to reaching the pinnacle of whatever we strive to achieve. You’ve become more gracious with your time, even though you have less to give. You shake more hands, you speak to more people, you do more interviews, you continue to show that what you give of yourself, you will receive in return ten fold.

Tiger, every time I watch you I flashback to days on the range with my dad, trying to imitate your club twirl and high fade or fist pumping after made putts into a silver cup in my bedroom. I don’t mind feeling like a little kid on Sunday afternoons every now and again. What do you say we try and keep this up for a little while longer? See you in Australia, heard you got the captain’s attention today. 

With Utmost Respect and Admiration, 

Webb Emerson

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